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Big health industry

Big health industry

Big health industry

  Jinyuehui Jiangshan Confinement Club is a professional high-end confinement club in Dezhou City. It is dedicated to providing post-natal confinement repair care, nutrient confinement meals for Baocheng mothers in the city, as well as massage and early education for newborn babies Stationary top-level nursing experience. The club was founded and in 2017, invested and established by Shandong Jiangshan Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. Its establishment bears the firm and great original intention of the founder, Ms. Han Shumin-to allow more local treasure mothers to enjoy the confinement life in the first-tier cities.
Brand origin
  In 2016, the winter was chilly, Ms. Han Shumin went to visit customers in Shanghai. In the conversation room, the client mentioned his second child's life. Because he was in the hot summer at that time, he was forced to choose a confinement club because he was unattended. One month of scientific diet and daily care made this client very satisfied. Affected by hot weather. They are more and more devoted to confinement issues. Women confinement is a precious thing. If they lack a comfortable environment and scientific care, they will easily fall ill. Although this client visit did not invest much time in business cooperation, the communication about the confinement club gave Ms. Han Shumin a strong touch.
金月汇江山月子会所 金月汇江山月子会所

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