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Shandong Jiangshan Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-performance composite materials in China with a registered capital of 55 million yuan. Started in the civil construction industry, grew up in the carbon fiber sports goods industry, and entered the high-speed rail, automobile, wind power, pressure vessel and other industrial fields. 

Carbon fiber cloth
2. Xinshuo® unidirectional woven fabric has passed the safety appraisal of GB 50728-2011, and is used in conjunction with "Xinshuo" carbon fiber impregnated rubber to meet the 50-year use demand, ensuring the adaptability and reliability of the entire reinforcement system, and safety Guarantee with credibility. The specifications of Xinshuo® carbon fiber unidirectional cloth are 200g/m2 and 300g/m2, and the width can be customized according to the project. Professional technical team, years of improvement in weaving process, stable product strength, quality assurance, extremely fast delivery and delivery.
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Carbon fiber pultrusion board
1. Xinshuo® carbon fiber pultrusion board is continuously produced by continuous carbon fiber tow and high-performance epoxy resin independently developed by Jiangshan through thermal curing pultrusion molding process. The carbon wire is fully impregnated and the tensile force is uniform. After molding , The board surface is smooth, high straightness, without splitting. Has excellent corrosion resistance, shock resistance and excellent characteristics of flexible materials. Passed GB 50728-2011 safety appraisal, the strength is stable above 2400MPa.
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Prestressed carbon fiber board reinforcement system
Prestressed carbon fiber board reinforcement is an active reinforcement technology, which uses the high-strength and high-elasticity material characteristics of carbon fiber board to bond epoxy adhesive to concrete components, and pre-stresses the carbon fiber board through anchors assembled at both ends of the carbon board to form a new The force balance of the structure improves the bearing capacity of the structure.
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Epoxy structural adhesive series
After years of independent research and development, Jiangshan Company has developed a series of modified epoxy structural adhesives for reinforcement, carbon cloth impregnating adhesive, carbon sheet adhesive, steel adhesive, caulking adhesive, planting adhesive, bridge splicing adhesive matching with Xinshuo products. Among them, impregnated glue, carbon sheet glue, steel glue, etc. have been put on the market, and are well received by customers.
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Pipeline reinforcement system
1. Carbon fiber composite pipe reinforcement and repair technology uses reinforced carbon fiber and high and low temperature resistant matrix resin to form a composite reinforcement layer outside the pipe to share the load the pipe bears and limit the radial expansion and hoop caused by internal pressure at the pipe defect Tensile stress, so as to achieve the purpose of reinforcing defects, and restore the normal pressure capacity of the pipeline. 2. Technical specifications for carbon fiber pipeline reinforcement, according to T/CIA group standards, technical specifications for carbon fiber composite material reinforcement and repair of chemical pipelines
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Carbon fiber mesh cloth
Xinshuo® carbon fiber mesh cloth is a two-way carbon fiber mesh woven with high-strength carbon fiber wire through special processing. It is used together with special polymer mortar for the reinforcement of concrete structures or masonry, resulting in shear-resistant interlocks and grips. The wrapping effect provides reliable reinforcement solutions for different structural forms.
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