Diversified development, build group brand, create magnificent mountains
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About Us

Diversified development, build group brand, create magnificent mountains

Shandong Jiangshan Fiber Technology Co., Ltd.

  Shandong Jiangshan Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-performance composite materials in China with a registered capital of 55 million yuan. Started in the civil construction industry, grew up in the carbon fiber sports goods industry, and entered the high-speed rail, automobile, wind power, pressure vessel and other industrial fields. The company is the founder of the China Carbon Fiber and Composite Materials Industry Development Alliance, a member unit of the International Society for Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Engineering (SAMPE·China), and a director unit of the Shandong New Materials Association. Jiangshan Company takes Donghua University, Liaocheng University, Shandong University and other universities as its technical support, fully exerts its own advantages in scientific research and technology, closely combines the technical advantages of universities and practical applications, and develops a series of products with independent intellectual property rights. Invention patents and utility model patents.

  Jiangshan Company now has several independent brands, and its Xinshuo® brand specializes in research and development of new materials for civil engineering reinforcement, reinforcement material production, reinforcement material sales and technical services. Xinshuo® brand has more than 20 products, covering high-performance fibers (carbon fiber, aramid fiber, high-strength glass fiber, etc.) single/two-way braid, pultrusion board, mesh cloth and other reinforcement materials and carbon fiber impregnated resin, carbon sheet adhesive , Sticky steel glue, bridge splicing glue and other epoxy modified substrates.

  Fangshi® and Jiangshan® are specialized in the research and development, sales and technical promotion of new products of high-performance fiber composite materials in the fields of sports and leisure, wind power generation, industrial automation, rail transit, automotive lightweight, and pressure vessels. The two brands have more than 30 specifications, covering three systems: woven prepreg, unidirectional prepreg, composite angle prepreg, and functional prepreg (flame retardant, high electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity, etc.). Reinforced high-performance fibers include carbon fiber, aramid fiber, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, polyimide fiber, high-strength glass fiber, quartz fiber, etc.

Shandong Jiangshan Fiber Technology Co., Ltd.

Development path

Diversified development, build group brand, create magnificent mountains


Xinshuo epoxy structural adhesive has been comprehensively upgraded, with optimized formulations such as impregnating adhesive, carbon plate adhesive, and steel adhesive, improving performance indicators and operability.


Shandong National Carbon Composite Material Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established, opening a new chapter in deeper and more applications of carbon fiber winding products and carbon fiber


Expand production capacity and introduce Taiwan Xinying's newly upgraded high stability prepreg equipment


Established R&D center to conduct independent resin system R&D


Established Dongguan Fangshi Composite Material Co., Ltd., invested in two prepreg production lines, and set up a production base in the Pearl River Delta.


Introduced tens of millions of single-line prepreg equipment from Taiwan Xinying, leading a new era in the civilian industry


Imported advanced woven cloth production line equipment from Germany and Italy and put into production


Resource integration, scale expansion, moving to a new location, Shandong Jiangshan Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. was incorporated


Dezhou Fangshi Composite Materials Co., Ltd. was established, the first prepreg production line was officially put into operation, opening a new chapter in the application of carbon fiber in the sports equipment industry


The first pultrusion line is put into production


Dezhou Xinshuo New Building Materials Co., Ltd. was established, and the first unidirectional cloth production line was officially put into operation, opening a new chapter in the carbon fiber reinforcement industry.

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