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Winding products

Winding products

Winding products


  The carbon fiber winding molding process is a molding process in which a winding machine uses a computer preset program to accurately weave a set of yarns on a pre-designed mold, and finally forms a composite material product with a high degree of mechanization. The advantage of the winding process is that the pre-tightening force of the yarn can be maintained throughout the molding process, so that all carbon fibers can share the force of the product at the same time, so as to better exert the performance of this new material. Another advantage of the winding process is that it can match different resin systems for the carbon fiber according to the requirements of special working conditions, so as to meet some special requirements such as flame retardant, high temperature and strong corrosion resistance.

  The mechanized production method can not only ensure stable product quality, but also improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. According to the needs of different customers, we design different layers and winding methods, so that your pipe fittings not only have super performance, but also have a unique appearance.

  If you refuse to become mediocre and monotonous, please choose winding, because winding makes your products lively!


Carbon fiber winding

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