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Composite materials

Composite materials

Composite materials

  Founded in 2013, Dongguan Fangshi Composite Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Qingxi, known as "the most beautiful town in China", and is a production base set up by Jiangshan Technology in Guangdong. Relying on the company's strong technical and financial strength, based on innovation, solid work, and the future, it provides high-quality composite materials for product manufacturers in southern China and realizes a seamless national coverage of Jiangshan technology products and services.
   Is strong in R&D and technical services. When choosing the side, let you be bigger than you! Jiangshan Technology has professional R&D personnel and perfect experimental testing equipment. Independently develop a series of products to lead the development of the industry. The company's internal resource sharing, rapid response, technology and sales work together to provide customers with high-quality solutions.
   Product diversification and strategic diversification. The company has two sets of Taiwan Xinying gluing prepreg equipment, with an annual production capacity of 3 million square meters. The main products are carbon fiber single (double) direction prepreg, glass fiber single (double) direction prepreg, Kevlar two-way prepreg, basalt two-way prepreg and other products. Widely used in fishing rods, sports equipment, electronic communication equipment, bicycles and tennis rackets . In addition, it can provide dozens of prepregs with different resins and different fibers from 20g to 500g. Keep up with the frontiers of the market, explore multiple cooperation models, and develop new application areas.
   After-sales service is accurate and efficient. Ours is yours! 600 square meters of super-large cold storage, modern and scientific management system, let customers feel at ease, rest assured, worry-free; the company provides its own refrigerated truck, which can realize door-to-door transportation service. The goods arrived in Guangdong within 24 hours, and Fujian arrived the next day.
   "Fang Shi"-at the right time, at the time of the vigorous development of composite materials technology, we will use a more sincere attitude, a fuller fighting spirit, and more and more perfect products to serve the majority of users. We sincerely welcome everyone and Fangshi to work together to create a new era of composite materials!
  The tenet of the company: stable quality, innovative development, excellent service, and determined innovation.
Company address: Area B, 1st Floor, Building A, No. 7, Lianhu Street, Laozhongkeng, Sanzhong Village, Qingxi Town, Dongguan City.

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Composite material
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