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R & D Center

R & D Center

R & D Center

  The company's R&D service tenet: "Everything is customer-centric." Keep abreast of market development trends, keep up with the cutting-edge technology of composite materials, strive for the initiative of market competition, ensure the safety of product production and sales, and create brand influence. From R&D to application, technicians participate in market operations and downstream customer product design, accurately understand customer needs, and provide customers with fast, high-quality, and low-cost solutions. At the same time, the company continuously strengthens the strength of the R&D technical team, strengthens exchanges with external famous universities and famous enterprises, and continuously develops and practices to improve product development, design, application and technical service capabilities.
  Up to now, our company has obtained 10 authorized patents, 12 patents are in the examination stage, and two invention patents have entered the substantive examination stage; passed the "ISO9001 International Quality Management System" certification, and related products have passed the EU REACH Regulation No. 1907/2006 , RoHS, EN45545 (Railway application-rail vehicle fire protection "flame retardant prepreg"), TCO and many other authoritative certifications; "Jiangshan" brand carbon fiber prepreg was evaluated as a famous brand product in Shandong Province.
Milestones of Jiangshan Technology R&D:
In 2013, the "Experimental Testing Center" was established to be responsible for batch sampling and testing of all incoming raw materials and outgoing products.
In 2015, the resin R&D team of "Clang Four People Walking" was established, marking the initial R&D function of Jiangshan Company's experimental testing center.
In 2017, Jiangshan Company continued to increase R&D investment, purchased new equipment, and strengthened R&D capabilities; at the same time, it further reformed the experimental testing center.
In 2019, after evaluation by the Dezhou Science and Technology Bureau, the "High Performance Fiber Matching Resin Development and Application Engineering Technology Research Center" was established.
研发中心 研发中心
研发中心 研发中心


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